App — You Need to Know Everything!! is an application for short video recording, and the results can be directly shared to your own social media feed. Overview of this application is similar to Instagram, the difference, when recorded, Musically Lite video can be directly edited. Users can also cut or unify certain parts of the video, then add music or sound effects, so that the videos get funny or dramastic. The main thing that makes much favored is because its video edit feature is complete.

Basically the apikasi is spelled out as a result of a combination of Vine, Snapchat, and Dubsmash. Through the app, its users — called «musers» — can record and show off a 15-second music video of their favorite song. includes various features inside the app to make the lipsync video look even cooler. There is a Time Machine feature that plays videos in reverse. There is a Time Trap feature that can make a video like playing repeatedly, epic, slow motion, fast and lapse. There is also a Color Filter feature, which makes videos appear in a variety of colors and shades, including vintage and black and white shades. Despite its many features, the menu display remains simple. But since does a lot of editing processes on one platform, sometimes the app runs rather slowly.

How to Make Video With App?

First time into the dashboard of this app, you will be able to see live users who are currently making videos in Almost similar to Bigo Live. To make your video private, do it by pressing the plus button below and yellow. Choose the music you want as a backsound that supports your performance in making videos. has provided many music libraries of various genres so you do not have to bother anymore to search for them. To select a song press Pick Music menu.
Once you select the right music for backsound, it’s time to make the video you want. You can also take advantage of features epic, slow, norm, fast and lapse to adjust the speed of the video. If you have, press the video icon is pink colored. During the editing process, you can choose color filters and do trim to make a cool impression on the video.

He cried again, likes to hold a competition according to a busy trend. For example, holding a song lipsync competition again viral. If you want to follow-up, the user just make a video creations lipsync the song, then upload. Later the winner will be a gift like merchandise from the or sponsor.

To get, just download on Playstore or Appstore. Free. Furthermore, after the download and login, users can immediately see the videos that have been uploaded by other users.

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